Crush Your Fear of Writing!


Blogging Therapy for Nurses!

There are terrible things nurses experience in our work that would completely freak out the average, non-medical person.  How many times have you been asked, “What’s the worst thing you have ever seen?” and replayed an endless stream of visual human tragedies burned into your memory. I have one or two stories that quickly end this line of questioning. Nurses have stories to tell, and you could be telling them in your own blog. Even the gross ones if you like.

338089_310093832422046_2134674368_oWriting a blog is like having your own online magazine.  You can post anything you want and share your creative thoughts globally.  Many popular blogs have thousands of followers on every subject. You can write about anything you want and find yourself connecting with others who dig what you have to say. If you are not following any bloggers, you are missing a whole new world of online publishing that is all the rage. Blogging has become the new medium for information exchange, and we all have access to share in it.

Starting a new blog is free on many popular blog sites. Two of the most popular are and You can start with a free introductory site for as long as you wish. You may upgrade your site later, as your writing takes on a life of its own.  You are head author, photographer, and publisher of your own online journal. Write your best stuff and you can share your creativity with the world. As you continue to improve as a writer, you may even decide to write your first novel. Then there is no turning back.

Writing is a talent we are using every day in our work.  Writing can be fun, and many nurses may not be taking advantage of creative writing as an outlet for stress. Writing offers opportunity to record your knowledge and experiences in your life and career. You can also write from the heart to express the emotional side of our work.  We share in the triumphs and tragedies of the people we care for every day.  We have feelings about what we are experiencing too. Turn your thoughts into words, and let your voice be heard.

We never share specific patient information of course. We are free to share our work in more general terms. We can speak of medical matters without violating any confidentiality. Poetry and fiction are also ways to share our nursing heart. Unburdening ourselves in a creative way allows us to express the intensity of what we do as nurses. We have tools today where anyone who desires to have a voice, can create and publish stories. Readers across the world can find and follow you as we used to follow our favorite columnists.  Many people are blogging today, and it is growing every year. There is no reason not to start right now!  Just try it. You’ll be surprised how much fun writing as a hobby can be for you. If you are timid about putting your work out there, keep your writing in draft mode until you are ready to post and share. Free your mind and get used to sharing your ideas.  You will get so much back the more your share!

 Oh and by the way, thank you for visiting my blog! Be sure to subscribe and share my site with all your friends.  I will follow you too!  I can’t wait to hear your story!

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