About MagicNurse Rob

Rob Divers, RN has over 29 yrs in Emergency Nursing and Pediatrics.  With a lifelong passion for the performing arts, he has performed magic, music and comedy at the bedsides of patients around the world. Professionally trained as a medical clown and  therapeutic magician, he combines performing arts infused into clinical practice for patients.
While working in major pediatric hospitals as a nurse, Rob found therapeutic opportunities to include close up magic effects to reduce fear and anxiety in pediatric patients with magic.  Teaching clinical magic to other medical professionals, “Turning Fear into Cheer” became a calling, and Magic Nurse, LLC was formed to advance this hospital based performing arts mission.  It is our hope that we can join together with other like minded  caregivers who wish to find creative ways to bring more Art and Compassion to the Science of Medicine. Together we can inspire a Creative Evolution in our healthcare system!

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