Do You Know any Magic Words?

This is a lead in question I  ask every child I have performed  magic for. “Do you know any magic words?” is in fact a very loaded question, but it’s main job is to help me with two important things. First, it gives me a clue if the child has had prior experience with magic, and therefore knows that a magic word is about to do something very unexpected and interesting. “Hocus Pocus”, Abra Cadabra”, and my favorite: “Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches”. When there is no traditional magic word uttered, I offer ones they are sure to know: ” Please” and “Thank You” are always magic words.  I then proceed with the line ” We will use your magical word, and my magical hand gestures and see what happens”  The question also invites participation.  When the child repeats the magical command, they expect magical results, and are promptly rewarded. The patient gains great magical ability, having just performed a spectacular magic effect, and the crowd goes wild!! Well, maybe not a crowd, but Moms and Dads and anyone else nearby just experienced a small bit of unexpected joy and wonder. The child has accomplished a mighty deed, and they will talk about it for years.